Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy

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Your voice in the energy debates: Learn how to support nuclear power.

Award-winning author Meredith Joan Angwin guides you in your pro-nuclear advocacy, from a day when you are quietly typing at your computer to the day when you might take the microphone in front of a legislative committee.

The book contains anecdotes, examples and insights, both from the author and from many other nuclear advocates. It will inspire and support your work toward a clean energy future.

People who appreciate the environmental, financial and reliability advantages of nuclear power are often unsure about they can show their support.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How you can support nuclear energy, simply sitting at your computer
  • How to support nuclear energy in public, using the same techniques as professional speakers and communicators
  • How to speak at a public hearing, or be invited to speak to a legislative committee
  • How to deal with your own emotions, in a world saturated with anti-nuclear messages
  • How you can find other nuclear supporters, and have fun together

What Readers Are Saying

Meredith Angwin has done a service to pro-nuclear environmentalists with her book. Actually, “book” might be more of a misnomer, it’s more of a user’s manual for all the power you didn’t realize you had as an individual to affect policy change…It is likely to be a resource for years to come as we work to bring Weinberg’s vision of the second nuclear era into fruition.

— Eric Meyer, Executive Director of Generation Atomic

What Readers Are Saying

Like the best how-to books, Meredith’s little instruction book for budding nuclear advocates is punchy, filled with practical exercises, gives step by step instruction with options and provides pointers to additional sources of help and information. It’s well organized and motivating; there are times when you want to simply put down the book and take one of her recommended actions to see how it works and feels..

— Rod Adams,  Atomic Insights blog

What Readers Are Saying

Nuclear is now gaining recognition as not only desirable but necessary in the effort to provide needed energy for the world in an environmentally responsible manner. Meredith’s book provides practical tools for nuclear advocates to ensure that our existing nuclear assets are preserved and that new nuclear power facilities are licensed. This book is a must read for anyone engaging with the public on nuclear power issues.

— Eugene S. Grecheck, Past President, American Nuclear Society

What Readers Are Saying

I must first thank Meredith for her courage and strength. Her vast knowledge of the nuclear industry and team-building experience is evident here.

For too long, attacks on the nuclear industry have gone unanswered. The measures described in this book are not based on looking at the conflict from outside. To combat the guerilla tactics used by antinuclear groups, Angwin has been involved directly, even organizing demonstrations on the sidewalks of Brattleboro, Vermont. Now, she uses her pen to bring you an excellent organizational toolkit. Her work is suited for a broad audience, and it will help propel our community into directed action.

— George Clain, President and Business Manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 300 (retired)

What Readers Are Saying

At last—a practical, clearly voiced guidebook to approaching nuclear power. I heartily endorse Meredith Angwin’s important guidebook about how to talk about the cleanest and safest source of base-load power we have. A scientist and a communications expert, her writing is direct and natural, flows well, and speaks directly to how people wishing to better support nuclear power can learn to spread the word.

— Gwyneth Cravens, author of Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

What Readers Are Saying

“Meredith Angwin’s Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro Nuclear Advocacy brings me back to my own emergence as a nuclear advocate during the Vermont Yankee era. This book is a primer for nuclear advocacy, and a fascinating guidebook and educational tool.”

-Thomas P. Salmon, Governor of Vermont (1972–1977)

What Readers Are Saying

Turning enthusiasm into organized, responsible advocacy, Meredith Angwin has been on the forefront of nuclear advocacy for years and she shares her experiences and lessons learned. This is far more than a “how-to manual”; it is a life’s journey into greater understanding of how to responsibly address public concerns over nuclear power or any technically complex issue.

-Dr. Dale E. Klein, Former Chairman U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

What Readers Are Saying

“So many would-be pro-nuclear advocates stop before they even start, daunted by the success of the anti-nuclear movement and overwhelmed by the seemingly endless negative press about nuclear energy. Meredith’s book is the antidote to the “why bother?” mindset that has ossified the nuclear industry for decades. Her book demystifies the advocacy process with no-nonsense advice, practical strategies, and step-by-step instructions for building an advocacy practice and achieving success.”

-Andrea Jennetta, Publisher, Fuel Cycle Week

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