Nuclear Power

Reactor core photo courtesy of Entergy. Columbia Basin College Nuclear Technology Program graduates.  Photo courtesy of Energy Northwest.

Nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest and most compact way to make electricity.

In her book, Campaigning for Clean Air, Meredith Angwin presents clear and well-referenced reasons for supporting nuclear energy. These sections of the book are based on her years of experience in energy research and on-site problem solving.

The book includes five easy-to-read, well-referenced “white papers” on nuclear power. These papers cover:

  • Nuclear power for clean air
  • Nuclear safety (normal operations)
  • Analysis of the big accidents
  • Nuclear energy for efficient land use
  • Nuclear energy around the world

Meredith is available to give presentations on these topics, or embed selected topics into her workshops on nuclear advocacy.


Meredith’s technical background
Meredith Angwin has a S.B (with Special Honors in Chemistry) and S.M. (Chemistry) from University of Chicago.

In her chemistry career, Meredith led research to improve power plants and energy infrastructures.  Her work included improvements and evaluations of nuclear plants, gas-fired plants, gas pipelines, geothermal power plants, hydro penstocks, coal plants, and geothermal energy.  She is inventor on several patents. She had clients in America and abroad when she ran her own small consulting company on corrosion control for the power industry.

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