Meredith Angwin

Energy Analyst & Author

The Ohio Problem

Ohio has two nuclear plants (Davis Besse and Perry) that add up to about 2000 MW of clean power.  Ohio also has about 14,000 MW of coal fired plants. Some of the coal fired plants may close soon, to be replaced by natural gas.

The  Ohio Solution

You can help defend the nuclear plants in Ohio.  Here are three ways:

  1. If you live in Ohio, write your legislator in support of two bills that value nuclear for its zero-emissions electricity. The Nuclear Energy Institute has a post with links to the bills.
  2. Wherever you live, donate to Generation Atomic. They are going door-to-door in Ohio to build support for the nuclear plants.  The illustration is an open meeting they held in Sandusky.  Here’s their Donate page.
  3. Attend the pro-nuclear rally. On June 13, there will be a rally-symposium at the Ohio Statehouse.  Pro-nuclear groups and the AFL-CIO will be there.  The president of the Nuclear Energy Institute, Maria Korsnick, will speak.  Attend if you can!  Here’s the web page for the rally. 

I have a longer blog post about Ohio, with some more links. at Yes Vermont Yankee.  But the basics are right here.  The three choices are right here. Take Action!